Monday, October 27, 2008

Cohen Speaks to Students about Land Use, Zoning and Crime

On October 22, as reported in the Daily Times, Councilwoman Cohen joined resident of the Johnson’s Lake Neighborhood Association in speaking to a class of “land use and planning” students at Salisbury University. After hearing about crime in the Johnson’s Lake area and what residents are doing to protect their single-family home neighborhood, the SU students heard Cohen explain the relationship between planning, zoning, crime, enforcement and tax dollars.

“As I explained to the city council before I became a part of it, good planning and zoning is a foundation for quality of life that is often taken for granted,” Cohen said. “For example, it’s what keeps the fish packing plant from being erected right next door to your home.”

“When cities are designed well, when transportation modes and paths encourage economic development rather than poverty, much less has to be invested in enforcement matters. When zoning codes are routinely enforced, fewer dollars and resources have to be put toward fixing what was allowed to get broken,” Cohen explained.

Cohen also noted that the City of Salisbury Comprehensive Plan Community Input Meeting will be held Thursday, Nov. 13, from 6-9 p.m. at the new Salisbury Fire Station 16 on Cypress St. The public is encouraged to come be a part of the process.