Monday, October 27, 2008

Campbell Moves Forward on Protecting the River

The following post is one of several issue updates being released today, tomorrow and throughout the week by Councilwomen Debbie Campbell and Terry Cohen about work they have been doing on behalf of their constituents during a very busy period:

Councilwoman Campbell has continued to research solutions for filtration of storm water. After voting “nay” on the Waverly Drive” storm water project because the city would not include a method of filtering floatables before runoff from 225 acres poured out into the river Campbell began a quest to find a solution for filtration. Councilwoman voted “nay” as well for the same reason.

After months of research, she identified and researched a system that seems workable, both financially and environmentally, and has submitted her idea to the city. The cost of the storm water filtration inlets is actually less than the amount budgeted for traditional inlets for the project. For more information regarding the inlets go to