Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cohen Pushes for Greater Accountability and Effectiveness in Marina Management

As directed by the city council, the city administration is preparing to issue a new RFP (Request for Proposal) for management of the Port of Salisbury Marina, which has consistently had losses – often around $50,000 – annually. As a boater/sailor with knowledge of different marinas, Councilwoman Cohen has pushed for greater accountability and effectiveness in marina operations.

“Some say we should sell the marina, which is certainly an option, but not likely to happen soon in today’s volatile downturn economy,” Cohen remarked. “I see the potential in the marina, even given some of the obstacles it faces.”

Cohen recently made a tour of the marina and contacts with those familiar with it. She has made recommendations for changes to the RFP and is in the process of reviewing the revised version. The city administration is hoping to put it out to the public in the first week of November.

“With the right approach, personnel and contract requirements, we can realize that potential and both leverage the marina as a public asset and relieve the taxpayers of ongoing losses,” Cohen explained.