Monday, October 27, 2008

Campbell’s Crime Task Force Subcommittee Leads the Way

Campbell has also been working on the Mayor’s Crime Task Force, leading a subcommittee that has been very action oriented. After conducting walks through city neighborhoods hardest hit by crime, the subcommittee began work on solutions. Part of the work also included the development of a web site so that members of the group can easily share articles, research, and links that will assist in reducing crime. The site is also available to the public. The address is

Other subcommittee accomplishments include:
•Identifying the top 5 residential addresses for calls for service in each neighborhood visited (maps are on the web site) and working with Neighborhood Services and Code Compliance (NSCC) to ensure that the properties are in compliance
•Bringing attention to the conditions at 600 W. Railroad Ave., where an inspection has now taken place
•Planning a trip to the Dover Police Department to discuss crime reduction strategies,
•Implementing an initiative targeted at reducing crime during the holiday season (Nov. 1 – Dec. 31), and
•Producing a Salisbury crime map that should assist residents in seeing where crime is occurring in our city so that we can work proactively with the police and to protect ourselves. This mapping service is available free to the city and can be viewed at

Special thanks is extended to the first and second group of subcommittee members: Carol Smith, Pat Gotham, Chief Ed Lashley…and new members Sheriff Lewis, Ryan Ewalt, Councilwoman Shields, and Reverend Wilson.