Saturday, May 10, 2008

First of Two Public Hearings on Budget to Be Held Monday

By Terry E. Cohen, Council Member

Monday, May 12 is the first opportunity for the public to let its voice be heard on the upcoming fiscal year’s budget. At 6 p.m., in council chambers on the third floor of the Government Office Building, the first reading of the budget ordinance takes place FY09 Budget Ordinance, along with the public hearing on the Fiscal Year 2009 Budget’s Constant Yield Tax Rate. Maryland law requires a public hearing to be held on this tax rate.

Please come express your concerns, ideas and questions to the mayor and city council about the state of the city’s finances. Are you concerned about the increase in city debt, now up to $2,888 for every man, woman and child residing in Salisbury? Do you have thoughts about the recent news about the water and sewer fund’s troubled outlook? Do you think the city is prioritizing its use of taxpayer money well? What would you change? What have been worthwhile expenditures to be continued?

Look at the Mayor’s Proposed FY09 Budget via the download links Councilwoman Campbell and I have provided at right on this website. Read other information about the budget that we have already posted. Check back here often for additional budget information.