Monday, May 19, 2008

Correction to the Correction on Mayor's Quote

By Councilwoman Terry Cohen

The reporter at the Daily Times responded to my submission of a correction to the Water/Sewer Fund article this morning (see post below) concerning the quote by Mayor Tilghman.

According to the reporter, Laura D'Alessandro, she did not make a mistake in attribution, that Mayor Tilghman made statements concerning last year's water rate increase as printed in the paper today. The reporter added that city administrator John Pick made similar statements.

I thanked Ms. D'Alessandro for correcting my error. I also let her know that the mayor's FY08 proposed budget and the official record show the mayor did, indeed, support a 10% water rate increase. I shared with her the sequence of events last summer, including the rescinding of the hike passed by the council majority, as described in the post below.