Thursday, September 10, 2009


SALISBURY, MD – Salisbury City Councilwoman Debbie Campbell held a press conference this afternoon to respond to the baseless, manufactured, charges lobbed at her by political detractors:

“In an attempt to put some of this foolishness to rest, I am here today to answer questions regarding this matter. I have decided to stand up for myself and refute the false accusations and half-truths that the Daily Times feels are worthy of multiple front page stories. I am confident that my answers will allow the public to gain a better understanding of the lengths to which some groups will go to avoid honest, civil debate AND to prevent meaningful change for Salisbury and her citizens.”

Campbell responded to false allegations that she was in possession of a surveillance by categorically stating:

“I do not have this surveillance tape in my possession. I have never seen this tape. I do not even know that such a tape exists.”

Campbell attributed these malicious and fabricated attacks to a desire to intimidate her and put a stop to positive change for Salisbury and her citizens:

“Are we getting close enough to substantive, positive change in Salisbury that those who oppose reform have nothing left but to resort to these types of attacks?”

Today, Laura D'Alessandro of the Daily Times contacted Campbell and accused her of lying and criminal conduct. Campbell responded to the allegation:

“According to her (D'Alessandro), Mark Tyler of the Salisbury Police Department claims to have handed over the tape to me. Let me be perfectly clear about this. Mark Tyler never gave me any tape at any time whatsoever. I have not seen the April 3, 2009 memo in which Capt. Tyler allegedly makes the statement, though my attorney has requested a copy from the reporter. Because I have not seen the memo, or heard Capt. Tyler make such a statement, I can only hope that the reporter is mistaken, or has misinterpreted the memo, because it would have very, very serious implications if a member of the police department misrepresented the truth concerning an investigation or official police matter.”

Campbell, serving her second term as a Salisbury council member and representing District 2, was reelected by a 2 – to – 1 margin this past spring. During her tenure on council she has been a relentless advocate for her constituents, particularly in the areas of crime, neighborhood blight, lower taxes, and financial accountability.

To view a copy of Campbell’s prepared remarks as well as the supporting documents, Click Here