Thursday, July 10, 2008

No Fines for WWTP Spills, WBOC Reports

By Terry E. Cohen, Council Member

Tonight, WBOC reported that the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) will not fine the City of Salisbury for the Waste water Treatment Plant (WWTP) spills of June 17 and 19. According to the WBOC report, a fine is not being incurred because the MDE concluded the problem was due to "contractor error."

Click here to see the full WBOC report.

Also aired today by WMDT was a follow up on the fine that was imposed on the city for its higher-than-allowed contaminant levels in "normal discharge" (not spills), as posted on this site on Wednesday (see below). The WMDT story indicated that the MDE just completed an annual inspection of the plant, and a review of that the inspection is just starting.

Click here to see the full WMDT report.

Based on these reports, I am making additional requests to the administration for documents and a more in-depth understanding of such issues as the new valve referenced in the WBOC report.

I am pleased to hear that the city was not deemed at fault for the spills and will not incur a fine for them. I commend both TV stations for their follow up on the WWTP issues.

Both Councilwoman Campbell and I have been asking questions about accountability, costs, and preventive steps. While there is still much yet to know and understand, it is gratifying that constituents are getting some questions answered about an issue of great importance to them.