Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Overexpenditures of Accounts Identified During Council Work Session

At this week’s Monday night Salisbury City Council work session, year-to-date reports for FY08 were shared by the director of Internal Services-Finance, Mrs. Oland. Councilwoman Campbell raised the question about figures indicating that several accounts showed an over expenditure above what was budgeted/appropriated by council. Most notable was the second quarter report showing an over expenditure of 72% in one insurance account and another over expended by 14%.

After Mrs. Oland and City Administrator John Pick both confirmed these expenses above budget, as well as other over expenditures noted in a year-to-date report ending January 30, Councilwoman Cohen raised the issue that over expenditure is forbidden by the City Charter. She also asked what would be done about it, and Mr. Pick replied that the administration would come before council requesting a budget amendment.

These after-the-fact remedies remind the public of change orders for contractual services or goods that were essentially already obtained prior to coming before council for approval. Both Councilwomen Campbell and Cohen are taking action to research the issue of the over expenditures which have now come to light.