Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Important City Matters Now Pending
Before the Planning & Zoning Commission

At its meeting on Thursday, February 21, the Salisbury-Wicomico County Planning & Zoning Commission has scheduled several matters involving property in the City or that may soon be annexed into the City, including the following:

PUBLIC HEARING – TEXT AMENDMENT – Add a new Code section and definitions regarding Adult Entertainment Uses – #SP-0803 (J. Lenox)

REVISED SIGN PLAN/BUILDING COLORS/TIRE & BATTERY STORAGE EXPANSION – WalMart Store #1890 - 2702 N. Salisbury Blvd. – General Commercial District – SP-9112-08Y; M-29, P-507-4, G-5 (G. Smith)

COMPREHENSIVE DEVELOPMENT PLAN – Shopping Center – Bayside Real Estate, Inc., represented by Thomas W. Hayes – 1303 South Salisbury Blvd. – General Commercial District - #SP-0802; M-117, P- 3119, G-3, (G. Smith)

FINAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN SUBMISSION - EXTENSION OF TIME - Village at Salisbury Lake PRD #11 – Salisbury Mall Associates, LLC – Civic Avenue, Glen Avenue, Beaglin Park Drive, St. Albans Drive and Mt. Hermon Road -- #SP-0611; M-109, P-2505, 2518, 2520, 2581, 2582, 2581, Pad 8, Block D, and 2581, Pad 9, Block D, G-2 (G. Smith)

SALISBURY – SOUTH DIVISION STREET/CAREY ANNEXATION – Zoning Recommendation – 1.0 Acres; M-48, P-221 & 222, G-8 (G. Smith)

REVISED SIGN PLAN – Beaglin Park Plaza Condominiums, represented by Michael Weisner – Mt. Hermon Road – Light Business and Institutional District – #SP-8606-08C - M-121, P-2574, G-21

In addition, the Zoning Director, Jack Lenox, will present an update on the formulation of a new Comprehensive Plan.

The meeting will be held in the “Council Chambers” (Room 301) on the Third Floor of the Government Office Building, beginning at 1:30 PM.

If you want more information on any of these matters, please call the Planning and Zoning office at (410) 548-4860.